Advice to the DJ Looking for an agent

Advice to the DJ Looking for an agent

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There are good and bad agents, trying to find out what are the ones that could be interpreted as a nightmare, but it does not need to be! Essentially, while reputable disk agents will probably find a more regular job than an agent with a bad reputation, even bad agents can have a regular workload, but the quality of the work will probably be much lower than that of a good agent.

From experience, there are some points to consider when looking for work with an agent:

About you

Agents will generally require that their mobile DJs have between 3 and 5 years of experience (although, of course, there are always exceptions). In general, references and testimonials are requested, and you may be asked where you work next so that you can be observed working.

Tell the agent if you specialize in any kind of music, whether you have a variety of disco platforms of different sizes and what kind of functions are comfortable for you, and not comfortable at all!

The agent

When looking for an agent, try to get as much information as possible from a variety of sources, rather than just one, and trust your judgment.
Has the agent been present for many years, or are they “new” and are they likely to take their hard work for profit and flee?

It can be difficult to judge by name alone, so it’s always worth doing a little background check. If the feedback is unfavorable from many sources, it is probably best to look elsewhere.

Established agents must have a fixed address that corresponds to online advertisements, promotional literature and directory listings. Today, direct contact methods can be extended to email, but at a minimum, the agent must have a landline number, as well as a mobile phone number for use in emergencies or after hours.

Registration / union fees

First, agents are reluctant to face DJs under the age of 18 because, according to the law, the legal age to sign commercial contracts is 18 years.

Agents generally operate on a commission basis and generally do not charge a fee for registering with your agency, but in case you must pay an enrollment fee, such as a service contract, if the participation fee is to cover a minimum amount. of the work provided, make sure everything is written down before committing.

DJ agents will work hard to provide consistent reservations for DJ artists in their books. If the agent is not providing any work, they should not be requesting any advance.

Contracts of Artiste

When you do a job for an agent, you are effectively the artistic agent. The contractual agreements between the artist and the hired agent are legal documents that must be clear, detailed and, above all, fair (equal) to the interested parties. The contract should describe the payment terms and the obligations of the artist.

It is advisable not to accept any contract before carefully reading the fine print and seeking legal advice on anything you do not fully understand. Legal advice will determine if the contract is written fairly or in favor of the agent. If you accept the terms of the DJ contract, the agent will not be able to make the changes on your behalf unless you ask and accept it. In other words, if the client wishes to extend the times of the reservation, the agent must consult it to analyze the rates for extra time and seek consent before amending the contract.

Whether they have been paid or not, it is the responsibility of the agent to ensure that the artists are paid all the money owed within 7 days, and within 7 days after the end of the reservation. When the balance is paid in full to the artist, the agent will usually bill them for the commission.

It is not a label to distribute your own business cards in a function provided by the agent. Because the agents of origin of the artists work, they usually provide them with literature and business cards with their contact details and the logo of their company to distribute. Usually, there is a space on the card for your name. Sometimes, an agent will deliberately ask a friend or associate to request a card at a function to see which cards are being dealt, so it is advisable not to try to “make a card” with yours.

Availability for work

When you are available to work, you must keep your agent informed of the dates you are free. Make sure the agent can contact you by landline

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