Music of the wedding: before, during and after

Music of the wedding: before, during and after

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Whenever you think about wedding music, think automatically about the wedding march and other traditional types of wedding music accompaniments. While the vast majority of people still opt for the traditional ideas of wedding music, there is a new generation of weddings that enjoys the power of music.

Traditional wedding music for the ceremony

The music at the wedding is an absolutely essential part of a wedding ceremony. Traditionally, music is played before the bride arrives and while the bride walks down the aisle. This music depends to a large extent on the type of ceremony; With a traditional church-based ceremony, the music is likely to come from an organ or keyboard.

Wedding music – Improving your day

The music of the wedding should be an improvement of your day and not simply something that has to be in the background. Consider your theme and try to select the wedding music that will accompany this theme.

Go for shock tactics. Wedding music can really help you highlight certain parts of your day. Use light background music for the quieter moments, with noisy wedding music and more jazz for the moments when you want to capture the attention of your guests.

The music of a wedding can also be participatory, such as line dancing or karaoke. However, make sure that your guests will appreciate your efforts, there is nothing worse than a karaoke without anyone participating!

Wedding music is a real opportunity to stamp your own mark on your wedding day, so pay special attention to this important part of your big day.


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